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An Invitation to Wholeness

Trauma & Abuse
Healing from Trauma & Abuse **

Trauma can shake us to our core.  When we experience trauma, it can begin to feel like our pain is who we are.  It can shatter our sense of safety in the world and our trust in others.  It can make the world feel like a different and unfamiliar place.  Anxiety, flashbacks, low self-esteem, and difficulty trusting others can get in the way of forming new relationships, tension in current relationships and feeling at peace in life.


It’s important to recognize that any form of abuse or harm can lead to “trauma”.  Major, life-threatening and painful events such as shootings, military incidents, severe accidents, physical abuse, and sexual assaults can lead to stored trauma in our bodies and minds.   We internalize in such a way that it harms our self-worth and well-being. More subtle forms of trauma can include something as seemingly trivial as a parent/teacher/caregiver telling us not to express our feelings, encouraging us to behave in ways that aren’t authentically us, or discouraging us from pursuing a relationship, project, or vocation we care about. Some examples (not all inclusive) of trauma and abuse include:

  • Physical Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse (Forced to do anything sexual against our will)

  • Verbal & Emotional Abuse

  • Mental & Psychological Abuse (Words/Actions used to diminish us, can include gaslighting)

  • Financial & Economic Abuse (partner controls or micro-manages us financially)

  • Stalking & Digital Abuse (threatened, stalked or bullied)

  • Cultural & Identity Abuse (Abuser uses our culture, ethnicity or gender of choice against us to harm or control us)


But there is HOPE!!  Our trauma does not have to define us––and in the long run, when faced fearlessly with a skilled hypnotherapist, it will make you stronger.  While we would never wish trauma upon ourselves or anyone else, putting our lives back together in the wake of a trauma can help us become more awake, more alive, and more resilient.  YOU set the pace. Taking ownership for your healing, you take your power back.  Feelings of grief, anger, and fear are all normal parts of working through trauma.  By building trust together over time and moving at your pace, we restore a sense of safety within and rewrite the story of your trauma so that it no longer rules your life.

Grief & Loss
Transform Grief & Loss **

Hypnotherapy can help you release the grip of grief. Grief work is not about forgetting... it is about remembering with love.

Feelings of loss can come from many different circumstances. It can be felt from a break-up or divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a beloved pet or a loss of a job.

Anyone who has experienced grief knows that it can be painful, difficult and overwhelming. Grief can create physical changes in our bodies. You may be experiencing trembling, nausea, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, dry mouth, trouble sleeping or altered appetite.  We can help you learn to manage those waves of emotion, physical symptoms and help you gain closure.

You will retain your memories of your loved one, begin to heal hurts and develop a feeling of peace. Hypnotherapy will help you continue your life with purpose and move forward in a healthy, happier way.

Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
Hypnosis for Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence **

Hypnotherapy Helps Boost Inner Confidence!

Low self-esteem can affect all areas of our lives sometimes allowing others to “walk” all over us. We may let others take control of our life, or even avoid social situations overall.  While the raising of self-esteem is woven throughout hypnotherapy, with these sessions it is our primary focus. 

  • Do you talk to yourself incessantly within your mind?

  • Do you find that your self-talk includes putting yourself down?

  • Does your self-talk include other people degrading you as well?

  • Do you feel that you’re not good enough for certain things, situations, or even people in your life?

  • Do you sometimes find yourself blaming others for how you feel?

  • Do you feel you wear a façade to hide who you truly are or “shapeshift” to fit in with whoever you’re communicating with?

These are all indications of low self-esteem.  At the very core of our human existence is what we believe about ourselves, and this is called self-esteem.  The way we see ourselves develops very early in life and continues to influence us throughout our lives.  People sometimes go through life not realizing that they are being influenced by low self-esteem.  Fortunately, with hypnotherapy we use hypnosis to boost self-esteem in a profound way that can improve your entire life!

Using various modalities to uncover the root-cause of your self-esteem issues ,we help you to release the feelings and re-frame the beliefs that keep you feeling down on yourself.  With hypnosis for confidence, you eliminate self-criticism, feelings of failure and rejection, and low self-esteem so you feel confident and self-assured! You KNOW your self-value and self-worth. This enables you to stand up for yourself, express yourself in a healthy manner and trust yourself and others.   You begin to talk positively to yourself, respecting yourself and learning to be your own INNER BEST FRIEND!

Relationships & Couples Therapy
Relationships & Couples Therapy **

We all want relationships that are healthy, loving, fulfilling and balanced in their giving and receiving!! However, a healthy relationship with ourselves is foundational to healthy relationships with others.  By healing ourselves, we cease to seek happiness, validation and fulfillment from others.  This relationship with self touches all areas of our life but is central to healthy relationships with others.  

Often our adult relationships reflect the kind of relationships we experienced as children. If our childhood relationships with our parents, siblings, teachers, etc. were not healthy, we may find ourselves feeling triggered and experiencing frustration or unease in our relationships now.  Attempts at mature adult conversation may end in blow ups where one or both individuals are sorry and embarrassed by their behavior. In my approach, we work together to help you identify and understand your beliefs and how they are affecting your current life and relationships. I also support clients who are moving through breakups and/or find life after divorce.  With beliefs reframed and some of the emotion eased, clients often find themselves making better decisions.  They are enabled to communicate with their partner/ex-partner without being triggered.

Ultimately, you will be able to change your patterns and choose your relationships with an increased confidence. You will learn to see relationships through new eyes and your relationships will become healthier and happier.

Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives & Future Life Progression
Spiritual Health & Wellbeing **
Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Widely propagated by Dr. Brian Weiss, past life regression has captured the attention of millions. From healing physical ailments to doing it for curiosity, hypnotherapy for past life regression is part of a more expanded scope of healing.  We don’t have to believe in reincarnation in order to experience past life regression during hypnotherapy!  Sometimes it’s better to experience something for ourselves rather than being told that it’s true. Quantum physics can tell us about our past, and even glimpse into our futures.  Gifted intuitives can tell us about our past and connections in it.  However, when we truly experience it for ourselves, it’s quite a different and much more profound experience.  It often brings understanding to our current life on a much deeper level. 


How Hypnosis Helps in Past Life Regression

Impressions made in the mind can influence us in many different ways.  Think about being at the beach.  You may notice an image in your mind or perhaps the feelings associated with your last memorable occasion at the beach.  These feelings and visions produce a physical reaction in the body.  In the same way, impressions become deep seated within our subconscious mind at various times in our lives, especially during traumatic situations.  These karmic impressions may remain with us even in future lives and continue to influence us physically, emotionally and mentally.  Often times a “trigger” in the present life will set the pattern in motion.  Past life regression hypnotherapy not only uncovers the karmic bonds, it transforms and heals these impressions so they no longer influence our present life.


Pains that doctors can’t explain or diagnose within our physical bodies can lead back to a past life.  Strong emotional ties with certain individuals, cultures, places or even talents can sometimes lead back to a past life.  Overcoming fears or limitations can also lead back to a past life. 


Reasons to Perform Past-Life Regression:

  • Curiosity

  • Discover and transform the Root cause of an issue

  • Understanding of present-day relationships

  • Finding the origins of present-day relationships

  • Couples Past Life Regression

  • Explore/transform impressions causing physical health issues in current life

  • Discover/transform the past life MOST affecting you today

  • Discover the origin of special talents/abilities and bring them more fully into present-day life

  • Meet your most influential spiritual teacher

  • Resolve karmic patterns

  • Discover life’s purpose

  • Transform unexplained fears and phobias

  • Explore dreams/recurring dreams

  • Explore instant attraction or repulsion to people or places

  • Explore multiple timelines

  • Discover the origin of a perspective

  • Enter Life Between Life exploration


Life between Lives Regression

Michael Newton Ph.D. in his book Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression outlines the use of clinical hypnosis techniques that allow clients to access their soul memories regarding their afterlife.  This involves facilitating a superconscious trance state to recall one’s immortal existence.  With heightened perception most individuals are able to access their own answers to the fundamental questions of “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “Where do I come from?”.  Dr. Newton’s contributions are not speculative.  His insights and methods are derived from personally facilitating over 7,000 LBL clients into their spiritual life between physical incarnations.  This type of work stimulates personal reflection about the marvels of a multidimensional creation and of our part in it, both as a soul and as an incarnated human being!



Future Life/Forward Life Progression

Hypnotherapy for Future Life Progression combines hypnosis, guided imagery and NLP in a manner which enables your energy to align to the correct vibrational frequency to glimpse your future & bring forth that which is for your greatest good. Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be:

  • To release blocks from the past which are holding you back from living the life you desire?

  • Fully align your energy to the vibrational frequency in the universe to bring ease and abundance into all areas of your life

  • Learn about the best possible outcomes for your current life and anchor in this energy so that you more easily allow what you have believed at a deep level is waiting for you?

Future Life Progression offers you the opportunity to do this. It’s like having a psychic reading for yourself, by yourself. Future life progression has two aspects:  Age Progression. We have a habit of living a life informed by the past. How about living a life informed by the future? Age Progression is to progress into a future in this life. Some call it Forward Life Progression. The therapeutic value is appreciable.  Physicists believe that all time is simultaneous, and because of that you have access to your own future self. A powerful technique that allows you to see “what’s next!”  It involves hypnosis and visualization techniques but rather than regressing back in time, in Future Life Regression you look forward.  This is about growth and experience, helping you now to make wise decisions. In a sense, future memories are like dreams. There is often a mixture of symbols and metaphors, deep-seated hopes and wishes, actual memories and precognitive experiences. What we experience is a probability. In other words, just because a person sees the future doesn’t mean that it is a “real” future. Nevertheless, the immediacy and strength of the memories can instantly improve the present and future course of one’s life. To a hypnotherapist, these changes are even more important than the capacity to validate the material.  Future Life Progression feels more vivid than imagination. The information flows naturally. It can be useful for motivating you to work towards your goals and you will leave a session in a relaxed state, more inclined to focus on the things you want to achieve in life.


Future Lifetime Progression can also be used to access a different lifetime – a different time in a different body as a different personality.  Your deep inner knowing takes you where you most need to go!


Possible Encounters in Past-Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Future Life Progressions:

  • Family members/Loved ones

  • Spirit Guides

  • Ascended masters

  • Angels

  • Religious Figures

  • Power Animals

  • Higher Self

  • Oversoul/Super Consciousness

  • Councils of Light

Conscious Conception
Conscious Conception, Empowered Birthing & Parenting **

Release the fear and uncertainty of conception, pregnancy, birthing and postpartum.  Learn self-hypnosis to experience full body anesthesia so you can experience the joy of birthing... fully present, relaxed and comfortable. 

Conscious conception.  To step back even further, some couples choose to address their own emotional issues prior to conception. After healing their individual issues, together they intend to bring in the soul meant for all of them in this lifetime.  Dealing with their own issues prior to conception and birth allows couples to feel prepared, confident and ready for parenthood. 


In hypnotherapy sessions clients will often regress back to a painful in-utero or birth experience.  Arriving in “this world” can be quite a shock for a soul.  Through the use of hypnotherapy, couples can heal their individual emotional issues, learn self-hypnosis for a less traumatic birth experience and ultimately give the precious new life they are welcoming less to deal with later in life. The soul feels loved and welcomed immediately. 

Living your Life Purpose & Highest Potential **
Life Purpose & Highst Potential

LIVE Your Life Purpose & Highest Potential, TAP into your inner Genius & EXPERIENCE Peak Performance!

Life is too short to be little ~Disraeli

What is my life purpose?  What is my potential?  What is genius? What is peak performance?


When we’re willing to admit that we really don’t know the answers to the above questions we open ourselves up to discovering and experiencing some of the answers in our own lives… If any of these questions speak to you, Hypnotherapy offers a path to actually experience them in your life!

Life Purpose: Consists of the central motivating aims of your life.  This differs from individual to individual but certainly informs our decisions, behaviors, goals, sense of direction and the creation of a meaningful life.  While most of us would agree that living our life’s purpose is very central to our fulfillment, very few of us spend much time contemplating the question or intending to live our Life’s Purpose.


Highest: Exceeding the common degree or measure.

Potential: Capable of being or becoming.

Highest Potential:  Capable of BEING or BECOMING to an EXCEEDING degree of measure.

Genius: An exceptional natural CAPACITY of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music etc.  

The concepts of “Potential” and “Genius” have fascinated many throughout history.  I wonder if we had been able to ask each individual who ever lived, “do you feel you that you lived up to your highest potential?” how many affirmative responses we would get?  My estimate is a very small percentage. For me, a term that synthesizes these two concepts is SELF-ACTUALIZATION.


Most of us are familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  In this now famous pyramid, Maslow used the phrases, “psychological needs, safety needs, belongingness & love needs, esteem needs and finally self-actualization/self-fulfillment needs”.  As originally proposed by Maslow, an individual would be required to completely satisfy and fulfill one level of needs before progressing to the next level.  However, it is more widely accepted and believed today that the levels overlap and interact with one another in a less linear fashion.  Self-actualization or the achieving of one’s “full potential”, including creative activities is per the pyramid a “need”…as such there is an internal force that moves us (guides us) towards this “need”.   When we’re conscious of this need and it’s POWER and we work with this energy intentionally, it can be much more impactful!


In his later years Abraham Maslow expanded upon the concept of self-actualization and explored Transcendence… “the giving of oneself to something beyond oneself as in altruism or spirituality”.  Transcendent is defined as “going beyond ordinary limits”.  Maslow became increasingly convinced that self-realization is actually a bridge to transcendence.  He observed that many of the individuals that he would describe as self-actualized had frequent moments of transcendence… an experience beyond themselves and many were motivated by higher values and what they could contribute to the world!


When we consider the concept of living to our potential or becoming self-actualized, most of us would be unable to accept any degree of  “genius” in ourselves.  Rather, genius is typically relegated to the realms of a few select individuals.  However, in reality, we all have the opportunity to live our ever increasing “highest potential” and tap into “OUR GENIUS” as part of our self-actualization.


In his book “The Einstein Factor: A Proven New Method for Increasing Your Intelligence” Win Wenger, Ph.D. states “Geneticists have long sought a “genius gene” … Yet the growing weight of evidence drives us to look elsewhere.  The secret of genius appears to lie not in our genes but in our memes-those patterns of thought, habit and emotion woven into our minds by the people and events around us.”  ENTER HYPNOTHERAPY!!  A method to transform our habits, emotions and beliefs and re-program our minds so we become self-actualized, live our highest POTENTIAL and access levels of GENIUS on a regular basis. 


Belief is the thermostat that regulates what we accomplish in life ~ David J. Schwartz Ph.D.

Supporting Spiritual Growth & Development with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy **
Spiritual Growth

Supporting Your Spiritual Growth with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy~ReMEMBERING Who YOU are!


Many of us on a spiritual path start out with an immense amount of excitement and anticipation!  The process of Self-Realization draws us into a “world” that wasn’t previously in our awareness.  We often hear this journey described as our Spiritual Path.  Whether you resonate with the term God, Universe, Spirit, Source, Creator, The Divine, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, the Nameless, the “99 names of one God” or ALL of these, at its core, this process of Self-Realization is a journey back to our Oneness with “The All That Is”. 


There is a romanticized idea of this spiritual journey and the seemingly elusive enlightenment that it promises.  On this path we find some peace, but we also encounter all of the unhealed aspects of our ego-self or psyche.  This can cause confusion and suffering.  When we use Transpersonal Hypnotherapy to support the growth, evolution and expansion of our Soul, the unhealed ego aspects can be transformed and integrated consciously and permanently.


Hypnotherapy-like practices were used in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Persia, Britain, Scandinavia, America, Africa, India and China. The Bible, Talmud, and Hindu Vedas mention hypnotherapy, and some Native American and African ceremonies include trance states similar to hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy in the Western world. It may also be the most misunderstood, given its association with entertainers and charlatans. However, it is a specialized guided form of meditation and relaxation. Regardless of religion, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy uses deep hypnosis to access the higher states of awareness. It goes beyond the ego self to access the Soul Self, the Spirit Self in order to gain understanding and become closer to its True Reality, that is the Divinity within.  The use of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy helps to free the Soul from the bond of karma (false belief patterns). It helps answer questions like “Who Am I?” or “Why Am I here?”. Through my extensive training in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, I find that it provides powerful healing for BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. It is incredibly rewarding to assist you in achieving the next step in your evolution!


Some Applications of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy:

  • Time Travel

  • Access the Akashic Records

  • Future “Potentials” for your life – What is POSSIBLE for me?

  • Encounter the Goddess

  • Find your Karmic Purpose

  • Expansion of Consciousness

  • Spirit Guide Contact

  • Intuitive Gifts & Abilities Development

  • Gain Wisdom & Understanding of Cycles within your life and your part in the Whole

  • Understanding your Life between Lives “choices”

  • Exploration of your Higher Self & The Oversoul

  • Experience and receive guidance from The Superconscious Mind/Divine Mind


I never push a “Spiritual Agenda” I merely follow your lead into what is most healing and relevant for your SOUL'S GROWTH, EVOLUTION and EXPANSION.


How does Hypnotherapy bring about Spiritual Growth?  “Spirit” is often associated with words like LOVE, JOY, PEACE, BLISS, ONENESS & WISDOM.  It’s also associated with attributes such as COMPASSION, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, FORGIVENESS & LOVING SERVICE.  These words exist for a reason, they exist because humans HAVE EXPERIENCED such states and attributes… which means that it’s possible for you.  If you’ve read this far, I invite you to clear out any fears, doubts, emotions or false beliefs within your Being so you open up to a wonderful new inner world of PASSION, CREATIVITY and CONSCIOUSNESS with TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY!!

Public Speaking
Mastery of  Public Speaking **

Whether it’s standing up in front of a crowd to make a presentation, singing for an audience, speaking up in a Zoom meeting or just introducing yourself in front of a group, those with the fear of public speaking know how frightening any of these experiences can be.  Many do whatever it takes to avoid these situations, sometimes subconsciously.  Surveys have shown that many people’s greatest fear is to give a speech in public, yet one can overcome this fear with hypnotherapy for public speaking. 


Where does it come from?  Aside from the physical symptoms that occur, there are typically many thoughts that flood your mind during these anxious times which exacerbates your feelings and your responses to the situation.  Since each person is different, and everyone has different life experiences, the reasons behind each person’s fear will be unique to that person.  The underlying reason is held in your subconscious mind.  With hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, we access the subconscious mind to uncover the memories and systems that are linked with your fear to speak in public or in front of a group.  We then transform what has been revealed so that you can feel confident, skillful and ready to be at your best for yourself and your audience when given the opportunity.  Resolving the memories associated with your fear of public speaking with hypnotherapy causes the subconscious mind to relax your systemic response.  Therefore, instead of wanting to run away, you will stand tall, be confident, collected and even start to enjoy sharing in this way!

Additional opportunities for transformation**
  • Depressed/Anxious Feelings

  • Addictive Tendencies/Habit Control

  • Obsessive Tendencies

  • Stress Relief

  • Feeling a Loss of Identity

  • Weight Loss

  • Pain Management

  • Emotionally unavailable

  • Self-Criticism

  • Anger Management

  • Infertility/Miscarriage

  • Feeling "I don't belong"

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Procrastination

  • ​Therapist/Healer in need of support

  • Peaceful Sleep

  • Financial Fulfillment

  • Fulfilling Retirement

  • Major Crossroad in Need of Guidance

  • Memory Enhancement

  • Exam Preparation

  • Career Success

  • Goal Achievement

  • Engaged and Fulfilling Social Life

  • Effective Communication

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Increase Creative Flow

  • Artistic Discipline

  • Peak Physical/Athletic Performance

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