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Starry Night

The Purpose of Hypnotherapy is to 

To Set People Free

  • Do you wake up most mornings grateful for your life and the opportunity for another day?

  • Do you live your life with a sense of purpose and passion?

  • Are your relationships, starting with yourself, emotionally healthy?

  • Do you BELIEVE this is possible for YOU?

If you're not able to answer YES to these questions, Hypnotherapy offers you a Path to a life of peace, joy, fulfillment, purpose, passion and your highest potential!

Thank you for considering this gift to yourself!


About Me

It’s been said that our greatest gifts come wrapped in our deepest pain and this was true for me.  At a time in my life where I was suffering so immensely that I didn’t know how to move on, I discovered hypnotherapy.  The concept made sense to me as I had been on a spiritual path for many years yet, here I was struggling.  The idea that there were patterns running my life that weren’t in my conscious awareness resonated as truth to me.  As I started hypnotherapy my life and healing took off exponentially.  This rapid transformation within my being moved me to pursue hypnotherapy as a career so that I could help others experience what I can only describe as profound healing and transformation. 


I’m here because I love facilitating deep restorative transformation for others.  It is truly my greatest joy, honor and privilege to serve in this capacity!  I see your being as perfect, whole and complete.  I hold space in a totally confidential and non-judgmental manner.  It is your soul that guides us to your deepest transformation and your most radiant living!


If you're experiencing it, Hypnotherapy can transform it! **

Healing from Trauma & Abuse

Trauma in all forms can shake you to your core.  When we experience abuse or trauma it can begin to feel like our pain is who we are. 


But there is hope!  Our trauma does not have to define us––and in the long run, when faced fearlessly with a skilled hypnotherapist, it will allow you to experience what practitioners now refer to as post- traumatic growth.

Relationships & Couple's Therapy

We all want relationships that are healthy, loving, fulfilling and balanced! 


With hypnotherapy you will be able to change your patterns and choose your relationships with an increased confidence. 

Transform Grief  & Loss

Hypnosis can help you release the grip of grief. Grief work is not about forgetting, it is about remembering with love.


Hypnotherapy will help you to continue your life with purpose and move forward in a healthy, happier way while honoring the memory of your loved one.

Past Life, Life between Lives, Future Lives

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation in order to experience regression or progression to another lifetime in hypnotherapy!  Sometimes it’s better to experience something for yourself rather than being told that it’s true.

Hypnosis for Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Low self-esteem affects every area of your life.  Low self-esteem can hinder you from achieving what you want in life, or even knowing what you want in life.


With hypnotherapy, you eliminate self-criticism, feelings of failure, rejection and low self-esteem allowing you to feel confident and self-assured .You know your self-value and self-worth!

Conscious Conception, 
Empowered Birthing & Parenting

Release the fear and uncertainty of conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting.  

Hypnotherapy allows couples to feel prepared, confident and ready for parenthood as well as reducing birth trauma for their child.

Living Your Life Purpose & Highest Potential

With hypnotherapy you can live your life purpose and highest potential, tap into your inner genius and experience peak performance.

As you read the above sentence you may be wondering: What is my life purpose?  What is my potential?  What is genius? What is peak performance? If so, please click below to read more.

Supporting Spiritual Growth & Development

Many of us on a spiritual path start out with an immense amount of excitement and anticipation. The process of self-realization draws us into a world that wasn’t previously in our awareness. With Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, we support and further your spiritual growth to allow you to re-member your true nature.

Mastery of Public Speaking

Whether it’s standing up in front of a crowd to make a presentation, singing for an audience, speaking up in a Zoom meeting or just introducing yourself in front of a group, those with the fear of public speaking know how frightening any of these experiences can be.  Many do whatever it takes to avoid these situations, sometimes subconsciously.   

Additional opportunities for transformation

  • Depressed/Anxious Feelings

  • Addictive Tendencies/Habit Control

  • Obsessive Tendencies

  • Stress Relief

  • Feeling a Loss of Identity

  • Weight Loss

  • Pain Management

  • Emotionally unavailable

  • Self-Criticism

  • Anger Management

  • Infertility

  • Miscarriage

  • Feeling "I don't belong"

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Procrastination

  • ​Therapist/Healer in need of support

  • Peaceful Sleep

  • Financial Fulfillment

  • Fulfilling Retirement

  • Major Crossroad in Need of Guidance

  • Memory Enhancement

  • Exam Preparation

  • Career Success

  • Goal Achievement

  • Engaged and Fulfilling Social Life

  • Effective Communication

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Increase Creative Flow

  • Artistic Discipline

  • Peak Physical/Athletic Performance


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Each day is an opportunity for a New Beginning!

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